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I have been making knives since 1993, I’ve always had a passion for knives and spent my pocket money buying my first knife at the corner café when I was a young boy and like most boys, I took it apart, modified it to my own liking and put it back together again. Today my workshop is based on a farm just outside the small town of Porterville in the Western Cape. My style of knife making is old fashioned and form and function are of the utmost importance to me. Every knife should be able to perform the job it was made for and just look pretty. My passion is for old school knives and recycled and up-cycled materials. Most of my blades are made from old carbon steel saw blades. Handles are made from up-cycled oak wine barrel wood, although I do use indigenous African woods. All our knives are individually handcrafted by Jerald with passion and great attention to detail. We have three ranges of knives, our Pro, Standard and Forged effect. The Forged effect knives are made from 2.5mm thick Carbon Steel, Pro 2mm and the Standard from 1.6mm thick Carbon Steel. We are happy to craft custom designs and offer a range of indigenous African woods for handles. Hunting and Camping Knives are all supplied with a hand crafted leather sheath. PLEASE READ THE KNIFE CARE INSTRUCTIONS.


Knife Care

 Carbon steel forms a patina which is a thin layer of oxidization that gives your blade an aged look. The main causes of patina are moisture, acids and salts. Once the patina forms it acts like a seal to protect the blade from rust. So the best care is use, wash and dry your blade after each use and lightly oil the blade and the handle with olive oil. PLEASE DO NOT PLACE IN A DISHWASHER.


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